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Help us protect the horse industry from infectious disease in North America.

EDCC needs your support!

There is nothing worse than not knowing when your horse is at risk of being infected.  Rapid spread of infectious diseases can do irreparable harm to horse health and cripple the horse industry. That is where the EDCC helps by providing the current facts about infectious diseases.

The EDCC relies on the support and generosity from donations to provide critical infectious disease information. Supporters (Sponsors) of the EDCC understand the value in having a universal communication system to coordinate responses to infectious diseases.  Not only does EDCC provide up-to-date disease alerts in North America, the EDCC website has a wealth of information about diseases and what owners and veterinarians can do to prevent and mitigate disease outbreaks.

Your support is needed to help protect and improve horse health. By donating to the EDCC you help bring real-time alerts and accurate information used to protect your horse and the industry from the next disease outbreak.

How You Can Help

Donations to the EDCC fund within The Foundation for the Horse are tax deductible and used directly for EDCC operations.

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If you have any questions, contact Leslie Barlow at [email protected] or 859-705-0365.

Your Support Makes A Difference

In 2022, the EDCC is starting its 8th year of operations. Alerts provide the information veterinarians and horse owners need to stay informed about disease outbreaks in North America. Your support helps to prevent the spread of deadly infectious diseases.

“As a practitioner, I value the ease and understand the necessity of reporting cases. I have made it a habit that once I receive the diagnostic results, I go to the EDCC website and report the case. I’ve heard from several of my clients that they appreciate the alerts and up to date information that the EDCC publishes with each alert.”

- Dr. Krista Estell

The EDCC is only sustainable through the continued investment and support of the equine community, which pales in comparison to potential loss of horses and economic impact during disease outbreaks. We cannot thank our current sponsors enough for their support and help continuing our mission.