What is an Outbreak? 

An outbreak is the occurrence of disease cases more than normal expectancy. 

When an outbreak occurs on your property, it is important that you: 

  • Implement movement restrictions until the situation is evaluated
  • Contact your veterinarian 
  • Inventory horses and isolate potentially exposed horses and implement health monitoring 
  • Establish communication with all parties involved 
  • Prepare and train staff beforehand on how to respond during an outbreak 

Communications Plan 

During an outbreak it is important to establish communication with all parties involved. 

  1. Email/call all owners/boarders/trainers regarding the initial suspicion of an infectious disease. Keep a record of who you have contacted and when.
  2. Indicate measures taken and expectations.
  3. Require a face-to-face meeting with all workers on the premises to advise of restrictions and changes in biosecurity protocols.