Disease Alerts

Updates on current disease outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status. Specific premises will not be named but the general location by town, county and state will be listed. When locations, events or horses are at risk they will be listed. Updates will be posted as they are received.

Sutton and Crockett Counties, TX
Alert ID: 1299
July 16, 2019

Texas Animal Health Commission

Sutton County

Number Confirmed: 1

Crockett County

Number Confirmed: 1

Notes: Anthrax was confirmed in one horse on a premises in southwest Sutton County and one horse on a premises in south central Crockett County. The premises are located within the triangular area of Texas where anthrax is historically found in the soil. The premises have been placed under quarantine and owners were advised on vaccinating exposed animals and the proper disposal of affected carcasses, as outlined by TAHC’s rules. Typically, quarantines are lifted 10 days from vaccination or the last death loss. Visit the TAHC website, https://www.tahc.texas.gov/animal_health/equine/#anthrax, to learn more about the current anthrax situation.