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Disease Outbreak Alerts

Updates on current disease outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status. Specific premises will not be named but the general location by town, county and state will be listed. When locations, events or horses are at risk they will be listed. Updates will be posted as they are received.

Date Disease Location Status
June 27, 2015 Equine Herpes Viruses Riverside county, CA Outbreak Contained
June 24, 2015-- Five exposed horses/mules demonstrating compatible clinical signs and/or previously testing positive for low viral levels of the neuropathogenic strain of EHV-1, have tested negative fo EHV-1 on June 23,2015. A second sample will be collected from all five horses on June 29th. If all samples are negative and no additional horses demonstrate clinical signs during the time period, the quarantine will be released on June 30, 2015. CDFA continues to monitor the situation.
June 25, 2015 Equine Influenza Deschutes county, OR Confirmed case(s): Quarantine
June 23, 2015--An outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred in several horses that attended the Far West Championship Horse Show held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond, OR this past weekend. The Oregon State University-Veterinary Diagnostic Lab test results were negative for Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1) and EHV-4 and positive for Influenza A. Veterinarians from the Bend Equine Medical Center provided veterinary oversight for the show. Further details regarding the outbreak can be found on their website and their Facebook page. Disease signs in the affected horses included acute onset with fevers, coughing, nasal discharge, and lethargy. No horses demonstrated any neurological signs, and no horses have required hospitalization. The Far West Horse Show management has been very cooperative in working with the show veterinarians in managing this issue. The majority of the weekend events were cancelled. There have been no state quarantines issued. Owners of all affected horses have been instructed to self-quarantine their horses at home for two weeks, and owners of all horses that attended the show are asked to monitor their horses for fevers or other signs of infection. Equine influenza is caused by the orthomyxovirus equine influenza A type 2 (A/equine 2) and is one of the most common infectious diseases of the respiratory tract of horses. Concerned horse owners are advised to contact their veterinarian if they have questions and for developing an appropriate prevention plan, including vaccination. Horse owners should practice basic every day biosecurity to protect their horse(s) from being exposed to this virus as well as other highly contagious pathogens.
June 24, 2015 Equine Herpes Viruses Riverside and San Joaquin Counties, CA Confirmed case(s): Quarantine
June 18, 2015: A 13 year old Quarter Horse mare residing in San Joaquin County was confirmed positive for Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM). This mare did not attend Mule Days in Bishop, CA from May 17-26, 2015 but was exposed to two cohort mules after they arrived home from Mule Days. The mules were asymptomatic for EHV-1. The QH mare exhibited symptoms compatible with EHV-1 beginning on June 5th including lethargy, fever, stocking up of her hind limbs and severe incoordination in her hind limbs. The mare was euthanized on June 14th. She did test positive for the neuropathogenic strain of EHV-1. The affected premises is home to 10 horses and mules and at this time there are no other affected equids on this property. The owner has been monitoring temperatures 2X/day on all of the horses and mules. This mare had not received any EHV-1 vaccinations in the past two years. This premises is under CDFA quarantine.
June 24, 2015 Strangles Volusia County, FL Confirmed case(s): Quarantine
A new premise in Volusia County, Florida that was confirmed with strangles. Currently one horse had a scabbed over ruptured abscess, one additional mare had nasal discharge but the other horses appeared health. There are 35 horses on the property. The symptoms started on June 12th but a veterinarian was not called to the farm until June 19th. Currently the entire training facility is under quarantine. This is the first confirmed case in Volusia County and the 17 incident for the state since the beginning of the year.
June 23, 2015 Eastern Equine Encephalitis Marion County, FL Confirmed case(s): Quarantine
June 23, 2015--A new case in Marion County has been confirmed with EEE. The horse, a 1.5 year old TB colt had not been off the property since being purchased six months prior and the current owner did not know the vaccination history but had not administered any vaccines since purchase. Clinical signs began June 14th and progressed until the horse was unable to stand on June 17th and was euthanized due to poor prognosis. The case was confirmed positive by the Florida Department of Health on June 23th. This is the first confirmed case in Marion County and the seventh positive in Florida since the beginning of the year
June 13, 2015 Vesicular Stomatitis Ward County, TX No Status
May 12, 2015-The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has confirmed one new case of Vesicular stomatitis (VS) in a horse. The premises is located in Ward County, approximately 30 miles north of Fort Stockton, TX. This is the first case of VS in this county. The two previously infected herds in Reeves and Pecos County have been released. The newly identified infected premises is currently under quarantine by the TAHC. Affected horses will be monitored by regulatory personnel until all lesions have healed and a decision is made to release the quarantine (a minimum of 14 days). There is no known exposure to other horses around the state, or at any equine events. It is believed that the virus overwinters in the sand and black fly population in northern Mexico and then moves northward in warmer weather. Some states and other countries may restrict movement of, or impose additional requirements for susceptible species moving from states with active cases of VS. It is important for shippers or haulers of livestock to contact states of destination well in advance of scheduled movements to determine their entry requirements. For international export information, the USDA Veterinary Services office in Austin, Texas should be contacted.
June 05, 2015 Eastern Equine Encephalitis Orange County, FL Outbreak Contained
Confirmed EEE positive horse in Florida. The horse, a 2 year old TB filly was purchase 14 days (May 16th) prior to the start of clinical signs in Ocala, FL and the current owner did not know her vaccination history. Clinical signs of temp 105, circling, head pressing and weak hind limbs began May 30th and the case was confirmed positive by NVSL on June 5th. The horse was euthanized and buried on May 30th. This is the first confirmed case in Orange County and the sixth positive in Florida since the beginning of the year.
June 05, 2015 Equine Herpes Viruses Marion and Polk counties , OR Confirmed case(s): Quarantine
June 4, 2015--Four Oregon horses have now tested positive for Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) with two of the horses showing neurological symptoms, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It was confirmed last week that a Marion County horse had tested positive for EHV-1 and had developed neurological symptoms. The second horse that developed neurological symptoms resided at a stable in Polk County with about 40 other horses and was taken to the Large Animal Hospital at Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine over the weekend. The Polk County stable has been placed under quarantine and the remaining horses are being monitored by the stable manager and a veterinarian. In addition to the Polk County stable, two Marion County farms remain under quarantine due to exposure to EHV-1. The infected horses and other horses exposed at the quarantined facilities attended an Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET) meet at the Linn County Fairgrounds on April 16-19. ODA is currently investigating the potential of any additional exposures at this time. In addition, ODA is working to notify owners of horses that have been potentially exposed and has notified Oregon equine veterinarians.
June 04, 2015 Strangles Osceola County, FL Ongoing Investigation
A new premise in Osceola County has been confirmed with strangles. Currently two out of the three horses on the property are symptomatic. A new horse imported from Texas came into the property approximately 1 week before clinical signs started on May 24th. This is the first confirmed case in Osceola County and the 16 incident for the state since the beginning of the year.
June 04, 2015 Eastern Equine Encephalitis Leon County, FL Ongoing Investigation
A new case in Leon County has been confirmed with EEE. The horse, a 1.5 year old colt was born and raised on the property had never been vaccinated. Clinical signs began May 20th and the case was confirmed by NVSL on June 4th. This is the first confirmed case in Leon County and the fifth positive for the state since the beginning of the year.